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Getting started with a Cloud WorkSpace

Congratulations on the new Cloud WorkSpace!

The Cloud WorkSpace is used primarily to log in and access PandoFit software, according to the Agreement.

Purchasing a Subscription

For more information on how to purchase a Subscription for PandoFit Cloud, including. a Cloud WorkSpace – please visit PandoFit Cloud.

Setting the Cloud WorkSpace password

Assuming that you have purchased a Professional or Team subscription from PandoFit Cloud.

You will receive an activation email, requesting you to input 3 passwords:

1. Cloud WorkSpace password

2. PandoFit password

3. PandoFit ‘Clinic Shared Key’

Once you have done this and successfully completed the page, you will be notified to wait for an email with further instructions.

ProsFit set up the Cloud WorkSpace

ProsFit use the information you have provided to set up a Cloud WorkSpace for you, as well as your PandoFit account.

Once the Cloud WorkSpace is ready (typically 30-45 minutes), we will send you an email with instructions.

Installing and logging in to the Cloud WorkSpace

The email with instructions for setting up the Cloud WorkSpace includes:

1) A link to download the Cloud WorkSpace client software

Please select the client software suitable to your computer’s operating system (e.g. for Windows, or for Apple Mac) and install it according to standard installation procedure.

To make it easier for future you should also add a shortcut to your toolbar, dock, or however is most accessible to you.

2) A “registration code” to input in to the client software to securely identify your access to the network of Cloud WorkSpaces.

Once you have input this registration code, you should be shown input fields for a username and password.

3) Cloud WorkSpace Username -> this is provided in the email and should be input; depending on your security preferences, once input a first time it can be remembered automatically for future.

Your Cloud WorkSpace password must be the same as the one that you have input previously whilst setting your passwords.

Upon first login to the Cloud WorkSpace

When you log in to the Cloud WorkSpace for the first time, this may take longer than usual – please be patient, future logins should go much faster.

The Cloud WorkSpace may lag slightly upon initial login due to hardware limitation in the Cloud, but this should smooth out after the first minutes.

Upon login, please access the PandoFit software – this can be done for example by clicking the shortcut on the desktop or the taskbar.

Logging in to PandoFit for the first time

Once you have opened PandoFit software, you will be asked to input your PandoFit username and password.

Please note that your PandoFit username is usually the email address that you have used to sign up for the Subscription (unless set up as part of a custom / Enterprise installation).

The PandoFit password is that which you have set while setting passwords.

Finally, when you log in for the first time on your Cloud WorkSpace – you will be asked to enter the “Clinic Shared Key” in order to encrypt and pseudonymize your Patient Data.

Once this is complete, the PandoFit login process should take a moment to finish and you will arrive logged in on the Home page of PandoFit.


In case you would like any support with getting set up, please Contact Us.

Updated on May 31, 2018

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