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I sent the order; what happens now?

Congratulations on your first Order!

Once you have clicked “Sign and Send Order”, a popup will inform you that your order has been sent, and to wait a moment because PandoFit is now synchronising / sending the 3D files to us.

File Synchronization

After sending your Order, the files must synchronize from your Equipment / Cloud WorkSpace to our ProsFit servers in order to process them for manufacture, in compliance with the Agreement and our Privacy Policy.

Please check on the left of the PandoFit screen that the Cloud icon shows a green tick, indicating that the 3D files required for the Order have been sent to us.

If the Cloud icon is yellow, the files are in process of synchronization and you should wait for a few moments until icon shows the green tick.

If the Cloud icon is red, the files have not synchronized and this process is not active. Please click on the Icon and then on the highlighted button to start the synchronization. This should result in the tick changing to green.
In case this is not successful, you may right-click on the individual file and select “force sync” until all ticks and the icon are green. In case this does not solve it as expected, then please Contact Us.

Order processing and Order Confirmation

When you send an Order, we at ProsFit receive a notification and start processing your Order according to the Data that you have provided to us.

Depending on the payment status related to your account, you may be requested to pay directly as a pre-requisite for processing the Order, or may be approved to pay upon Invoice (or otherwise).

In case we need to contact you to confirm or clarify any question or potential issue related to your Order, we may do so by mail and/or phone according to the Agreement.

The Order is considered to be only a request and non-binding to ProsFit until ProsFit has provided an explicit “Order Confirmation” in response, and/or delivered the product(s).

ProsFit reserves the right to return an Order without the agreement to fulfill it, and would review with you any reason for this – including in case any update or correction can be made that would enable it to be validly processed as an Order.


Products will be delivered typically within ProsFit’s standard terms of 5 business days,

Adjustments to expected delivery terms may be made according to the available delivery options for the region requested, and on a case-by-case according to payment terms, availability, clarifications to be made, and/or otherwise.

Any expected delay in delivery would typically be displayed to the user within PandoFit and/or by email notification. Please note that ProsFit provides this information only as a feature and cannot be held liable for any delay or lack of communication on it.

In case you would like to clarify the status on any Order, please Contact Us.

Receipt and provision

Once you have received the delivery of the Order, please review the Instructions for Use (for CPOs, and for Users) of the related Medical Device(s) / Product(s) as per the links provided in the Label(s).

Please use, assemble and provide the Product(s) according to the relevant Instructions for Use and inform the End-User of the Instructions for Use for Users, providing them a link or copy of the Instructions for Use for Users; all according to your professional expertise.

In case you would like to clarify any points related to receipt and provision of ProsFit medical devices, including sockets and/or connectors – please Contact Us.



Updated on May 31, 2018

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